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New Year, New Space.

Posted on January 18 2023

New Year, New Space.


There's nothing like the fresh start that comes with the arrival of a new year. And what better way to get that refreshed feeling than by uplifting your space with indoor plants! Indoor plants can bring life to any environment, making it both cosy and chic. They clean the air, give off a calming aura, and add colour and texture to any interior.

Indoor plants also provide a range of health benefits for us such as elevating our energy levels and are especially great to have if you're living on the Gold Coast due to the sunny warm weather we experience year round. 

Plants are versatile and can be styled with pots, planters, and art to create the look you desire. Whether you're looking for a voluptuous and velvety leaf, a minimalist statement palm or a large hero plant like a fiddle leaf fig there are plenty of ways to style them that will make your space feel brand new in 2023!

Shop versatile plants, pots and homewares. 

We hope these curated looks will inspire you –

Creative space with art, plants and curiosities

The Creative Space —

Using colour, books and curiosities you've collected along the way to creatively inspire your day. 

Vacation vibe corner with plants and photo

Vacay Vibes —

A space filled with natural fibres, cool tones and vacation memories.

Minimalist room with plants and pots 

Calm Corner —

Open, clear and minimal spaces to allow mindfulness and clarity.

Corner nook with books and plants

Book Nook —

Share a story or two with your favourite leafy friends.

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