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Emily is the founder of Greenfolk, launching the shop to share her true passion for the unique beauty of plants. She deeply believes in the transformative quality of bringing plants into indoor spaces. With more than 20 years of horticultural expertise, Emily has cultivated a rich canvas of knowledge and experience in plant care, styling and design.

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Jessie is our team pocket rocket; full of energy and bursting with plant love! Her botanical knowledge is diverse and driven by a long-standing love of flora and fauna.

You can find her in store creating kaleidoscopes of colour on our pottery walls or answering those curly how-to plant questions you’ve been dying to ask!

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Our urban jungle is a synthesis of moving parts; the Green team works together to keep our plant range growing & thriving. Fletcher is master of plant care and as a second generation nursery person; he really knows how to flow in a retail plant loving environment.

Coupled with his incredible musical talents under the moniker ‘Cold Ghost’ he is a key member of the Gold Coast Arts community and we are very lucky to have him as a long standing member of the Greenfolk tribe.

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Fletcher shares their favourite plants and plant care products from the Gold Coast's favourite plant store



What a delight to share our jungle botanic with Krissy Jessop; her radiant smile and passion for plants is imbued in everything she does! With an avid interest in both cacti, succulents and edible plants, this adds a depth and multi-layered level of knowledge to her expertise. 

A trained horticulturalist with many years experience in the field including that of landscape design and planning; she is always at the ready to explore your plant care and styling questions at Greenfolk! Coupled with her long standing experience in both retail and customer service; her community mindedness and organizational skills are second to none.

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Krissy shares their favourite plants and plant care products from the Gold Coast's favourite plant store



Kelly is known for her floral talents and avid interest in all things botanical. Her long standing passion as a gardener of edibles has set a strong foundation of plant knowledge on which to grow from. As an experienced nursery person she draws from a wide range of industry influences, including her work and training as a florist for many years.

Her open mind and warm heart bring a wonderful welcome energy to Greenfolk, making her a sought after resource for plant selection, garden care & conversation as well as cultivation information. Pop into store and share your favourite plant stories with Kelly, who always has a smile to share!

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Kelly shares their favourite plants and plant care products from the Gold Coast's favourite plant store

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