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At Greenfolk we are cultivating a plant community. It is our mission to provide the very best plants, tools & information to guide you in achieving your green goals, whether it’s for your home, work or outdoor living area. A green space is a healthy space and we believe plants are for everyone. We want to see the interior world of home & office style truly come alive inside; with nature growing in harmony with its inhabitants; seamlessly integrated into the landscapes of our lives.



We are plant hunters. Born from an everlasting passion for all things green; we perpetually seek to find the best of the best in the plant world at Greenfolk. Our store is our canvas, plants are the paint; pottery is the vessel. Our species & style range is always in flow; reflective of lifestyle & season. Curated to suit the demands of the modern world; alongside the full spectrum of light availability & hardiness. Procuring new and unusual varieties is always a part of our unique offering. If we can find them; we want to share them with you.

 Pots and Plants


Our pottery range reflects the Greenfolk love of art & colour. Sourced from local makers and creators from both Australia & earth wide, our curations foundation is built with art, ethics & sustainability in mind. Our vessel designers are ever changing and kaleidoscopic in their approach, always in flow with the global story of our world. Limited edition vessels, slow made & with heart; are an important part of our story. Unique & original artworks by ceramic and botanical artisans will always be woven into our Greenfolk tapestry of life and colour.

We specialize in large & lightweight pots for that hero piece on location. We believe large pots can be both functional and flexible. Style is forever changing and our large size vessels reflect & enhance the colour ways of life in real time.



It is scientifically proven that plants improve health, wellbeing & productivity. We want to help you make your green dreams come true. Our horticultural experts will guide you in selecting the ideal plant & pot palette for your location. Drop into store 7 days a week, our team is ready to explore your vision amongst an array of ready to go species, curated for your growing delight. Our small, medium & large plant range is designed to thrive in a range of varied settings dependent on your unique circumstance. Take the time to play to your strengths and we’ll do the green work for you. Our on site consulting services are available by appointment. For a more detailed review of the site & your unique requirements; Contact us to embark your next plant project.


Home and Styling


Plants are living art, they add colour, depth & texture to our home & work spaces. Nature is our constant in the changing tides of life. We are here to help you cultivate the plant style you dream of. Our plant experts provide species recommendation, care and cultivation advice with every visit. We are committed to providing a high quality plant selection suited to your individual home & office environment. Take a walk through our urban jungle and see what foliage and vessels speak your language. We are here to support you on your green journey to plant nirvana.


Garden wares

With over 25 years experience in the horticultural industry, when it comes plant care, not all products are created equal. Our garden wares are specifically chosen for their ethos, quality & design innovation. We want you to love them as much as we do. It takes time to research and compare new things; we’ve taken the guess work out for you with our bespoke collection of plant care products we just know you’ll rave about. Workmanship, materials and origin are influential criteria in our choosing of the best products to offer you at Greenfolk. Impact on our planet and natural ecosystems are an essential consideration. Natural & organic is the core element of the Greenfolk brand. Our range is an extension of our ethos. Nourish your plants with earth sourced elements that are created with heart, health & your plant life flourishing in mind.

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