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About Greenfolk

Greenfolk Botany Shop; an urban jungle atelier, set against a raw stripped back interior; filled with a diverse range of plants, both rare and collectible species, lush foliage for interiors and alfresco spaces, cacti and succulents to suit both the novice and advanced plant enthusiast.

We specialize in curating the highest quality plants, with an emphasis on vigour, balance, character, form and individuality.

We are all things botanical, set in synergy with our carefully curated kaleidoscope of innovative pots, hand crafted ceramics, unique home and garden wares, books, tools, distinctive art pieces and canvas prints; all inspired with a botanical flavour.

We offer a modern boutique spin on the traditional plant store; a tropical journey through a green jungle where things slow down to the pace of nature. Exploring innovative plant styling concepts, products and ideas that transform a space into living art.

Emily Cloke, founder of Greenfolk Botany Shop
Greenfolk Botany Shop interior

In launching Greenfolk Botany Shop we seek to harness, express and share our true passion for the unique beauty of plants and their potential to transform both quality of life and aesthetic style within the home and work arena. We believe it is possible for all ages and walks of life to enjoy the benefits of plant life in whatever realm compliments their lifestyle.

– Emily Cloke, Founder

Greenfolk is the culmination of more than 20 years of horticultural expertise by Founder; Emily Cloke. Spanning Australia wide nursery management, landscape design and planning consultation services for both residential and commercial projects across the country.

Feature editorial author for influential Garden publications such as Backyard and Garden Design Ideas magazine and industry specialized Landscape Contractor magazine; Emily has cultivated a rich canvas of knowledge and experience in plant care, styling and design.

Greenfolk’s long standing professional insight and horticultural qualifications in plant cultivation and care, give us a unique understanding into how plants grow, perform and respond to the subtle nuances of many and varied environmental conditions.

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