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Pet Friendly Plants

Posted on May 17 2022

Pet Friendly Plants

They seem like a natural combination; nature and green are synonymous with a healthy and happy family life. However; some species are a no-go indoors if you have inquisitive animals that love to taste and explore your plant friends! 

If you want to cultivate a harmonious plant style that nurtures both you and your pets; here’s the ultimate wishlist of fur friendly foliage you won’t want to miss.


Tabletop Centerpiece


Trailing Delights


Large Structure — Hero Plants


The all-rounder mid-size

Boston ferns 




Beautiful Blooms

African violets 

Sometimes incorporating a few Unicorn plants into secret locations where your fur baby won’t naturally find them is a nice way to explore your inner plant love; but if you decide to take the leap in this direction - make sure to keep them out of reach or in an area where you can keep an eye on them and move them to a safe distance if required! Always seek advice and monitor your pet closely if they display any concerning symptoms. 
Take it to the next level and spoil your pets with some plants that are just for them! Cat grass and Catnip are both beneficial for their health and safe to eat so you can redirect their curiosity in a positive direction! 
Try cultivating our twin pack of seeds and plant them up with some hand blended potting mix cultivated to perfection by our friends Houseplant Hoarders
For those that want to celebrate their pets in more ways than one; we have curated the cutest range of animal themed pots and planters to explore; make someone smile with a collection as cute gifts or a quirky and cool windowsill display. 
It’s always worth reading up on what works best for your unique story and lifestyle; check in with your pet care professional too as it takes a village to raise a family! 

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