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Spring Fling — Restart your love affair with gardening in Spring

Posted on September 19 2022

Spring Fling — Restart your love affair with gardening in Spring

 Spring Planting Guide


With the cooler months behind us and the hot days of Summer ahead, Spring is the perfect time to restart your love affair with gardening! 

Spring is a time of abundance;

Buds bursting, leaves unfurling, blossoming trees & the air is filled with new possibilities! 

It’s a time when our plants experience a reawakening and we can harness this chapter of growth and abundance by nurturing & nourishing our green friends! 

Now is the time to repot, feed, top-up potting mix and practice leaf care and cleaning procedures to put a little pep in your plants step. 

Our plants give us so much and ask for so little in return; Spring is the perfect opportunity to give a little love back  

So grab your favourite gardening tools, lather on the SPF, pop on your sunhat and head to your gardening bench.

It's time to —


Nourish —
Dust off the leaves, hydrate and boost

Dusting off your leaves is something that needs to be done regularly and all year round, but now that your plants are seeking that beautiful Spring light it is even more important to make sure there is nothing blocking the photosynthesis process. Once you’ve finished dusting off your leaves, spread some Neem Oil onto the leaves with a gentle damp cloth wipe and then apply a misting of The Plant Runner’s Leaf Shine. Neem is a pest deterrent as well as a matte leaf shine which will keep those green babies all aglow!  

Organic plant care is an essential part of the Greenfolk ethos.

Adding a top dress of Munash 100% Organic Soil Food to your older pots and plants will revive tired soils and promote long term growth & optimum nutrition. It also aids healthy root development and is made by nature for nature.  

Compliment this with a regular foliage mist of vitamin boosting, mineral rich and fast acting Munash Indoor Plant Spray. This is the stuff that big green leaves are made of! We notice a difference in the vigour and hue of our foliage plants in just days after sharing this life giving elixir with our fave plant friends!



2. Grow —
Seed, prune and propagate

We all get a bit clucky over those things we’ve grown ourselves. There really is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have grown a plant from one tiny seed and a whole lot of love. For some flower options, consider planting bright yellow sunflowers, or a stunning native wattle. If you are a culinary type, our Italian parsley and coriander have been known to impress dinner guests. 

You can start seeds in almost any type of container, as long as it is about 6cm deep and has some drainage holes. Some sustainable and DIY options are usually found in your fridge; think yoghurt containers, milk cartons or paper cups.

Once you have your containers ready, add some healthy soil and check your seed packet for further instructions. 

For the plants you already have growing, never be too scared to grab your secateurs and cut off some old, yellowing leaves to allow your plant to really thrive. This is also a great time to start exploring propagation. Propagation exploration is a great way to create new plant babies and wonder at the miracle of plant life.  

We love to get our plant nerd on and watch the roots grow via our propagation stations

Obsessed with all things clay? Propagate and play with colour with our collection of super cute Harmie vases, the perfect functional art to really put your new plant babies on show! Mix and match a range of colours and shapes to delight the senses


3. Cultivate —
Pot up

After a long time in winter hibernation, your plants will be eager to stretch their legs. It’s important to pot up your plants so that they can start producing new root growth. Repotting in Spring while your plants are actively growing will reduce root rot.

If your plant doesn’t look like it needs to go bigger, a new pot with healthy fresh soil may be key.

Choose from our three varieties of hand blended potting media by Houselant Hoarders. Curated for plant lovers by plant lovers, this light and free draining media will take your plants to the next level.

Never pot-up more than a few centimetres at a time. If you’re not sure whether your plant is ready to pot up – we’re always a simple DM away on our Instagram and we love to give out plant advice!



With all this extra care and attention your garden is only going to give more back. We look forward to seeing your thriving plant-babies this Spring. Be sure to share your hard work and tag us. on Instagram so we can be on the gardening journey with you.

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