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Staff Picks - Fletch's Top Three

Posted on August 17 2022

Staff Picks - Fletch's Top Three
Our urban jungle is a synthesis of moving parts; the Green team works together to keep our plant range growing & thriving. Fletcher is master of plant care and as a second generation nursery person; he really knows how to flow in a retail plant loving environment. Coupled with his incredible musical talents under the moniker ‘Cold Ghost’ he is a key member of the Gold Coast Arts community and we are very lucky to have him as a long standing member of the Greenfolk tribe.


A beautiful Hoya

"My favourite plant is any type of Hoya. I love their waxy leaves and the fact that one day they will surprise me with a flower."

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Cylinder Pots
"I love all of the cylinder pots, as they come in lots of sizes and each have a saucer…and they have a lovely matte texture."

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Indoor Plant Food
"I always need a bit of Plant Runner’s Indoor Plant Food handy. A few drops in a spray bottle gives my shade loving plants a feed without giving them too much water."

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