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Staff Picks – Krissy's Top Three

Posted on June 08 2023

Staff Picks – Krissy's Top Three
What a delight to share our jungle botanic with Krissy Jessop; her radiant smile and passion for plants is imbued in everything she does! With an avid interest in both cacti, succulents and edible plants, this adds a depth and multi-layered level of knowledge to her expertise.

A trained horticulturalist with many years experience in the field including that of landscape design and planning; she is always at the ready to explore your plant care and styling questions at Greenfolk! Coupled with her long standing experience in both retail and customer service; her community mindedness and organizational skills are second to none.


Rare & Specialty Cacti & Succulents

"I love our collection of rare cacti and succulents, each one is a piece of nature's unique artistry."

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Tassel Ferns with Hanging Pots
"Tassel Fern's draping foliage elegantly trails when teamed with our hanging pots."

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Selenicereus Anthonyanus (Zig Zag Cactus)
"This is such a fun, quirky green friend filled with personality."

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