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Grasses & Tree Seeds - Cat Grass & Catnip (twin pack)

$8.95 AUD
Pet friendly Twin Pack Cat Grass & Cat Nip seeds included; Dactylis glomerata ‘Cat Grass’ The ultimate pet lovers plant! Indulge your fur baby with these abundant & easy to grow plants to make them smile. Aids disgestion for your pet, a wonderful supplement for indoor cats. Plants grow to approx 8cm When to sow: All year round. Full sun preferred Approx 5-10 days for germination. Contains approx 1000 seeds. Nepeta cataria ‘Catnip’ Your cats new best friend. Has been known to encourage playful & docile behaviours with a mint-like fragrance. Plants grow to 50-80cm approx. Full sun preferred Sow in Spring, Summer & Autumn at 5mm depth. Approx 10-20 days to germination. Contains approx 100 seeds. Nb. We are unable to ship this product to WA/NT.

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