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The Woman’s Way Planter - Emma Stenhouse - Medium

$49.95 AUD
Designed in Australia, Emma Stenhouse, is an Indigenous artist inspired by nature, connection to country using elements of contemporary art and traditional symbolism. Comes with a drainage hole and a removable plug. This piece, “The Woman’s Way”- On the soft Earth they sit around camp. The women; Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties. Each powerful and nurturing, they are the keepers and sharers of knowledge. The mountains behind them with dar away journeys to be had and many paths to take, they share their wisdom now, to guide and support each other. Women know the secrets of the land, the foods she has, the water to cleanse and the places to rest. A collective of depth and knowing. Women feel the way, they are the connection. Dimensions: H16cm x 16cm x 16cm (great for a 140mm plastic pot)

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